Des’Ev Fashion Academy is set to be a Launchpad and first choice school for creativity, competence and commerce with disciplined and dynamic professionalism towards innovative curriculum, collaborations and pioneering activities that explore the genius within students.

Welcome to Des'Ev Fashion Academy

Des'Ev Fashion Academy is a top class fashion Academy in Ghana that is helping people to bring their fashion design dreams to reality. We offer variety of relevant and tailored courses to suit everyone with a desire!

Raising world class fashion designers is our priority.


Our tutors are professionals.

Practical Hands-on

A well thought through practical based curriculum to guarantee competent skills development at the end of the program.

Get Discovered

An amazing opportunity to be nurtured and showcased to the public/market through relevant programs and events .

Modern Facilities

Fully equipped with modern labs, classrooms and library for optimum performance.

Our Courses

Fashion design is not only about sewing. This is an avenue to imagine creative ideas, be able to represent them in developmental sketches and notes for others to understand your designs and be able to implement them into realistic and fashionable products. You will learn immensely how designers think and produce successful fashion designs that influence various fashion industries. Des’Ev fashion academy is the best choice to explore and develop your skill as a fashion designer.

Fashion illustration deals with the understanding and developing of silhouettes and sketching fashion designs on them. It is an easy endeavor but most people find it difficult to express their creative ideas on paper for others to appreciate because of lack of or insufficient training in this area and that is where Des’Ev fashion academy comes in with simplified sketch development processes to help you achieve the status as a fashion illustrator.

Ever wonder why local apprenticeship does not yield desired results fast? It is because the knowledge being transferred is not structured for easy understanding. Here at Des’Ev fashion academy we take you through structured instructional and practical based notes that enable you to easily and knowledgeably draft and prepare garment patterns.

Everyone feels they can sew. It looks easy but there is the right way to put cut garment pieces together to professional standard. If you want to set your garment construction skill apart from and above everyone else then we at Des’Ev fashion academy will guide you in perusing and achieving that purpose.

The ability to start, run and scale up a fashion business is a dilemma that scares lots of aspiring fashion designers not to start businesses, keeps others at the ground level where they cannot develop into big brands or put lots of fashion business startups out of business soon after they start. Reason is they do not know how to properly setup a fashion business, manage it and successfully scale to a big company. Rest assured Des’Ev fashion academy is here to make that dream come through for you. Join us

We are in the information age and one will be left behind if you do not know how technology affects fashion and how to take advantage of it to advance your fashion talents. At Des’Ev fashion academy we teach you to develop fashion design process and business documents using office and design software programs.