Des’Ev Fashion Academy strives to steer students to a defined design profile. We look out for talented, intelligent, ambitious students who are prepared to put their best efforts to build a fulfilling career. We nurture young people with all-round abilities who sow the energy, the potential and the commitment to be the industry captains of tomorrow. So when we assess you, we particularly evaluate your career focus, your creative and aesthetic sense, your level of commitment and energy, your potential as a team member, your ability to handle stress, and of course your communication skills. For this purpose every applicant whose eligibility is proven and passes through screening methods and  interview is enrolled

  1. Incomplete, messy, falsified and inaccurate application
  2. Lateness in registering after class sessions are way in progress.
  3. When students exhibit unbearable truancy, misconduct, theft and assault, excessive absenteeism, indiscipline/poor class assessment, personification, falsifying/tempering with records

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